The Sierra Yoyo Desan Resource Road Upgrade
SYD Road About the Project


September 7, 2017 – 07:35 update

The SYD Road has been reopened after the temporary closure. The Forestry department has taken steps to suppress the forest fire and the road has been deemed safe for public access. Please continue to use caution when passing through km 121 to km 188.

Upgrading and new construction is underway on the Sierra Yoyo Desan (SYD) Resource Road, Good News for Fort Nelson and area. Increased road safety and year-round access will stimulate new oil and gas exploration and development in BC’s northeast. That means economic growth and employment opportunities for the region.

The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines has initiated a project to upgrade the Sierra Yoyo Desan (SYD) Road. The SYD Road is a public resource road that is used, primarily, to access the oil and gas resources in the northeastern region of British Columbia.

The 188-km long SYD multi-user resource road provides the main access to over 27,000 square kilometres of oil, gas and forestry terrain in northeast BC. It connects to the end of the 15 km Clarke Lake Road, which joins the Alaska Highway just south of Fort Nelson.

The SYD Resource Road is open to the general public, although it is mainly used for servicing and supplying the oil and gas industry. Standards for road maintenance are set by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and carried out by Ledcor Highway Maintenance Ltd. The 15 km Clarke Lake portion is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation.

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Partnerships BC, on behalf of the Province of BC, have delivered on a commitment to provide a safer SYD Road with year-round access from Fort Nelson. This unique public private partnership (“P3”) provides a creative solution within challenging terrain and, at the same time, transfers the financial and performance obligations to the private sector partner.

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