The Sierra Yoyo Desan Resource Road Upgrade
SYD Road Road Maintenance

A reconstructed roadbed and regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will keep the SYD Road in good condition.

The roadbed, which in some places has sunk over time, was restored, allowing for better drainage. A third of the road will be resurfaced every year so that the entire road is resurfaced on a three year cycle. Soft spots will be repaired immediately as they are identified.

“When we took over responsibility for the SYD Road in August 2004 we began spending $2.5 million a year on maintenance,” says Scott Lyons of the Ledcor Group. “That’s up considerably from what’s been spent in the past.”

Lyons adds there are strong incentives to keep the road in high quality condition. “We take pride in Ledcor’s excellent track record with maintaining gravel resource roads,” he says. “Each year, we will discuss what needs to be done with the Road User Group to further improve the road, and each year they’ll grade us for satisfaction.” A high grade could mean a performance bonus.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines can also issue penalties if maintenance standards are not met. At the end of the 14-year maintenance contract, Ledcor will be required to hand over the SYD Road in the same condition it was when construction was completed in 2005.