The Sierra Yoyo Desan Resource Road Upgrade
SYD Road Public Information

On behalf of the SYD Road Limited Partnership and the Ministry of Energy and Mines

Wednesday 20th March 2019 – Full Load Restrictions are here


Load Restrictions are here.

SYD Road Users are advised that as of 6:00am on Thursday,  21st March 2019 the SYD Road will be subject to 75% legal axle load restriction from Km 8.4 to Km 188, 24hrs per day until further notice

Over-weight loads will not be permitted at all until load restrictions are lifted.

Any questions regarding the SYD Road Use Agreements can be directed to Gerry Anderson at (604) 699-2928.

An explanation of legal axle loads is shown in the table below:


For information on other roads, please visit the MOT Load Restriction website

For further information on road bans, road repairs or any other issues, please contact Gerry Anderson at:

Office – (604) 699 2928
Cell – (604) 329 5500
email –

You may also use our toll free reporting line on:
Toll free: 1-866-4-LEDCOR (1-866-453-3267)

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SYD Road – System of Charges

The upkeep of the SYD Road is paid for by the oil and gas producers under a system of charges agreed with the Provincial Government. Charges are levied for oil and gas related activities such are drilling, fracking and compressor moves. A full list of the charges is included in the attached information letter from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas.

InfoLetter PR2008-01(SYD Road fees)

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