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Wednesday 8th April 2020 – Full restrictions are here.

Full Restrictions

SYD Road Users are advised that as of Monday 13th April 2020 at 10am full load restriction will be imposed  on the SYD Road between Km 8.4 to Km 188. Traffic will be limited to 75% axle load 24 hour per day until further notice.  Producers and other road operators should take note and plan accordingly.

Over-weight loads will  not be permitted until further notice.

Any questions regarding the SYD Road Use Agreements can be directed to Gerry Anderson at (604) 699-2928.

An explanation of legal axle loads is shown in the table below:

For information on other roads, please visit the MOT Load Restriction website

For further information on road bans, road repairs or any other issues, please contact Gerry Anderson at:

Office – (604) 699 2928
Cell – (604) 329 5500
email –

You may also use our toll free reporting line on:
Toll free: 1-866-4-LEDCOR (1-866-453-3267)

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