Sierra Yoyo Desan Road

Who is responsible for managing overweight loads on the SYD Road?

Unlike other public roads within British Columbia, the SYD Road is NOT managed by the BC Ministry of Transportation (BCMoT). The road is operated by the SYD Road Limited Partnership (SYDRLP) and part of their responsibility is the management and issuance of Road Use Agreements (RUAs). BC MoT Commercial Vehicle and Enforcement Branch will still enforce their road safety mandate with regards to commercial vehicles travelling on the public section of the Road (Km 8.4 to Km 188) and vehicles must be properly insured, licensed and permitted as with any BC public highway.


What is the process for permitting overweight loads on the SYD Road?

Generally overweight loads coming into the Sierra Yoyo Desan area are transitting via the Alaska Highway. Operators moving these loads will have to obtain a BCMoT permit to get from their source to Km 188 of the SYD Road or turn off point if sooner. BCMoT confirm with  SYDRLP that they are aware that the operators intend moving an overweight load onto the SYD triggering the RUA process. Generally a condition for all BCMoT overweight permits for travel on the Road is that the permit will not be valid unless accompanied by a valid RUA issued by SYDRLP.

Other loads may come into the area via one of the winter road accesses or be moving between to localities on the SYD Road. These will still require a BCMoT permit / SYD Road Use Agreement if they are travelling on the public section of the road (you should confirm with the Fort Nelson Inspection Station).


So, how do I get a Road Use Agreement for the SYD Road?

Stage 1 – You must complete a Road Use application form and submit it signed and in duplicate together with the payment of the administration fee* to the contact on the right of this page.

The application must also include detailed load configuration which includes:

  • Number and spacing of axles
  • Number and size of tires per axle
  • Axle loads

* the administration fee is currently CAN$1000.00 plus GST. The permit application will not be processed if the administration fee is not paid.

Stage 2 – In signing and submitting the application the applicant is also agreeing to pay the cost of any necessary bridge assessments. SYDRLP will forward the application together with the load details to it’s Bridge Consultants for them to undertake the bridge assessments. A minimum of 48hrs is required for this assessment to be completed so applicants must ensure their applcations are submitted in good time.

Stage 3 – Once the bridge assessment is completed SYDRLP will follow one of three courses:

  1. Reject the application – this will only occur if the Bridge Assessors deem that the load will cause damage to a structure
  2. Request modifications – the Bridge Assessors may request for instance that additional axles are added to spread the load
  3. Approve the application

Once approved a Road Use Agreement will be issued to the applicant with a list of conditions.


What are these conditions?

Each approval will list the conditions applicable to that load but in general the conditions are:

  • Load must be controlled by pilots cars
  • No other vehicle other than the  permitted load on a bridge at any one time
  • Permitted load must travel straddling the centreline of the bridge deck
  • Maximum speed limit over bridges will be 10km/hr
  • All licensing, insurance and permits for BC must be valid and in place if travelling on any part of the publice section of the SYD Road (Km 8.4 to Km 188)

Applicants will, at the discretion of SYDRLP, be required to travel overnight (generally between 10pm and 6am) and will be required to advertise the move on the local radio 24hrs before.


Where can I get the application form?

Click on the following link:

Road Use Agreement.pdf


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